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Comprehensive Development Strategy Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (2010)

The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Science and Technology Strategy realizes that the province is under-prepared for the challenges posed by global advancement in Science and Technology. Allocation of resources are inadequate, whilst change in attitude toward Science and Technology (S&T) have just begun the government also realizes that, for the province to ensure sustainable economic growth and development, achievement in S&T are vital. Having an agriculture base, the vistas of biotechnology offer a good starting point on the road to excellence in S&T.

S &T Sub-Sector Strategy:

The development strategy of DoST is based on creation, cultivation, transfer & diffusion of knowledge and results of scientific discoveries to industry and business in order to generate sustainable growth and productivity

  • Weak organizational structure.
  • Insufficient Research Institutions.
  • Insufficient Staff.
  • Lack of Projection of ST&IT Department.
  • Lack of linkages among Academia, Industry & R&D Organizations.
Priorities & Plans:
  • To explore the landscape of Bio Technology a scheme for promotion & development of bio technology has been launched.
  • To promote S&T Research & development a total of 230 Research proposals encompassing different sectors of the economy will be processed this year for economic uplift of the province & development.
  • For linkages strengthening, collaborative programs are in progress in collaboration with various Institutions/ Research Organizations.
  • A number of pilot studies have been launched
  • 28 Research proposals from previous year are at result delivery stage in different sector of the economy.
  • A number of Need, Demand based Research Pilot research Studies are targeted for launching to exploit the indigenous resources and to resolve the major social health related issues
  • Plans for Reverse engineering, Prototyping, Design facilitation & training are in pipe line for next financial year under the Scheme of "Design Facilitation & Training Centre".
  • "Roadmap for Promotion and Development of S&T in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa" will be prepared to guide the department toward accomplishment its vision & mission.
  • Two development schemes "Enhancing the capacities of Institutions/ Organizations for Promotion of Product Oriented Research" and "Promotion & Development of Sciences & Technology in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa" included in the ADP 2013-14 are under process of approval.
  • For the preparation of ADP 2014-15, consolations with relevant sectors are underway to formulate a productive Annual Development Programme.