The Frontiers in Science Research Grants Programme

The Frontiers in Science Research Grants Programme, or simply the ‘Frontiers’ programme, aims to fund research consortia in three ‘areas of the future’, i.e. advanced materials, biomedicine and space sciences.

Program Aim

The primary aim of the programme is to build a critical mass of researchers and the necessary infrastructure in three key areas of the future. Each consortium will have an array of output including novel scientific developments, discoveries, inventions (prototype) or innovations (solutions or products) along with creation of new jobs in the domain of scientific research and development. 


The highly competitive grants will be awarded to research consortia in any of the three areas composed of coPIs from academia, startups, industry, non-profits, NGOs and research institutions, both public and private, national and international bringing unique and complementary strengths. Each consortium will have one Corresponding PI (domiciled in KP) who will be responsible for reporting and communication purposes with the Directorate General.

Key ‘Areas of the Future’

  • Advanced Materials
  • Biomedicine
  • Space Sciences


The research grants, of upto 40m rupees each, are highly competitive and will be awarded to consortia. The research grants will mainly cover HR salaries, equipment, consumables and reagents, community engagement and outreach activities and overheads.


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