International Technology Transfer Programme

The International Technology Transfer (ITT) programme aims at importing and indigenising a technology – process, method or equipment – that can help in improving an existing value chain but is currently not available in the country. 

Programme Aim

The ultimate aim of the International Technology Transfer (ITT) programme is to bring technology into KP that did not exist before and add value to key areas around any of the eight natural resources selected under this project. 

What is Technology Transfer?

Technology transfer refers to any activity that helps in importing and indigenising a technology – process, method or equipment – that is available elsewhere but does not exist in the country. The programme will support international technical collaborations or partnerships which leads to the local deployment and ideally development of a technology in KP. The may fall under any of the 8 selected key natural resources in KP, particularly those that help in improving existing local value chains. 

What does success look like?

A successful activity will help empower an existing compony, research group or consortium or startup in the province to establish and use a technology that did not exist before in the country. A successful activity should ideally result in a longer-term relationship with the international entity.

How to apply?

Any research entity (university, startup or a larger company) may apply in response to a call for proposals. Proposals will need to be endorsed by the Taskforce (established under the KP Science Agenda) related to them and will be funded on a case basis. 

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