The KP Science Agenda 2022

With renewed leadership encompassing an unprecedented vision, an in depth understanding of the ecosystem and a record increase in funding – twelve times the annual average over the past ten years in the history of the department – the science and technology sector in KP is set to embark on a new breathtaking journey into the future.

The new Science Agenda for KP sets the province to harness the power of the latest in science and technology as well as the promising potential of our young population in a clear direction towards establishing a critical mass of talent, expertise and infrastructure in strategic areas, including 8 of KP’s key natural resources and 3 promising areas for the future, collectively dubbed as the 8+3 areas. Through a relentless aspiration for execution and implementation with the highest standards, the Agenda lays the roadmap for reinvigorating KP’s economy through science and technology.

Launching the KP Science Agenda

The launch event of the KP Science Agenda 2022 will bring together leaders from academia, startups, the industry, development sector and the government, on the occasion of the 75th Day of our Independence, to renew our commitment towards uplifting in science literacy, excellence in scientific research and catalysing innovation, all towards strengthening our economy and uplifting our society.

The Invite list includes vice chancellors, leading researchers, heads of ORICs, CEOs, startup founders, heads and representatives of development agencies as well as ministers, secretaries of adjacent departments and heads government agencies.

Guiding Principles of the Agenda

  • Key Priorities Identified for critical mass in 8+3
  • Time to solve! From consumers to producers, builders, makers. Made in KP. (Sovereign nuclear in line)
  • Enabling environment covering all aspects. Making KP the happiest place for scientists.
  • Science is for all. We go full pipe-line, mobilising all public and private sector stakeholders and take Science to the masses.
  • Develop a culture of science. A culture of inquiry, openness and collaboration.

The 8+3 strategic areas

The Science Agenda for KP identifies eight key natural resources which have value chains already existing in the province, waiting to be enhanced through innovation in science and technology. These include:

1. Gemstones
2. Bees & Honey
3. Fruits & Vegetables
4. Fisheries
5. Herbs & Medicinal Plants 6. Micro Hydro Plants
7. Archaeology
8. Urban Environment

The Science Agenda also identifies three priority areas in cutting-edge technologies, that leverages some existing pockets of excellence in KP, but require a renewed emphasis to be able to give KP a global foot-print, and ultimately a competitive advantage. These include:

1. Advanced Materials 2. Biomedicine
3. Space Sciences

Programmes under the Agenda

The KP Science Agenda 2022 brings to life a set of unprecedented programmes for the science and technology community in the province. These programmes are pilots which are meant to help the directorate generate data and gather feedback before scaling improved versions with enhanced funding. The components include:

a. Frontiers in Science Grants Programme in 3 cutting edge areas
b. Made in KP Grants Programme in 8 areas covering KP’s natural resources.
c. The Interdisciplinary Research Training Centre for o ering fellowships and studentships to postdoctoral scholars as well as masters and undergraduate students
d. Patenting and Prototyping Fund
e. Technology Transfer Support Programme
f. Travel Awards for Conferences and Competitions
g. The High-Tech Laboratories network in all disciplines across KP
h. A state-of-the-art Science Museum
i. STEAM events for the general public to create a culture of science.
j. The Science and Technology Advisory Council with an eclectic group of international experts to chart out a 10 year plan.
k. Task Forces in each of the 8 thematic areas to map each landscape.
l. Annual Roadshows to promote developments in the 8 key natural resources of KP m. S&T Data and Policy Unit

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