Postdoctoral Innovation Fellowships Programme

The postdoctoral fellowship component offers one-year contracts to freshly graduated PhD scholars from top schools in the country and abroad to work in any of the 8+3 areas in KP. 

Program Aim

The fellowship allows successful candidates to join research groups of their choice and covers their salaries and initial research expenses, giving them a soft-landing pad to jumpstart their careers in the world of research and development, either in academia or industry, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 


  1. Identify your problem space from the 8+3 areas

  2. Identify a research group in KP – can be at a university, research institute or a startup.

  3. Identify and meet an IRTC-approved supervisor

  4.  Identify at least 1 novel scientific problem, invention (prototype) or innovation (solution or product) that you will work on.

  5. Prepare your application pack and apply in response to any of the Call for Applications for this programme. 

Eligibility Criteria

Any high-flying scholar with a doctorate degree (minimum eligibility) in any STEM discipline from a top institution in the country or abroad can apply. An application pack needs to be prepared as per the guidelines on the website. The PI must be leading a research group or unit in academia or a research institution (minimum equivalence to an Assistant Professor) or in a startup or the industry (minimum as Head of distinct project, department or division). 


Each Fellowship will include 12 months of salaries for the Fellow at the rate of PKR 130,000 per month along with a research starter fund of PKR 400,000 at her/his disposal under the supervision of the PI, along with overheads of PKR 40,000 for the host institution. 

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