Tools for Science Programme

The Tools for Science programme offers maintenance grants for institutions to refurbish, re-operationalize and maintain key equipment which can be of broader use to the scientific community in KP. 

Program Aim

The programme aims to develop 1) a network of well-lubricated and operational equipment that are widely available to scientists in all corners of KP and beyond and 2) a community of users around each high-tech facility through year-round trainings, workshops and social events. 

What is included?

Examples of equipment include but are not restricted to: 

  • High performance liquid chromatography instruments

  • Electron microscopes

  • Confocal microscopes

  • Telescopes

  • Mass spectrometers

  • XRD instruments

  • Ultra-low-temperature freezers

  • Bioreactors


The grant will cover anything to operationalise and better maintain a high-tech facility. This can include maintenance and repair costs, software upgrades and salary for the specialist technician. 


This will be in return for KP-wide access to existing sophisticated and expensive lab equipment in KP. 

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