The Postdoctoral Innovation Fellowship programme offers highly competitive, one-year contracts to freshly graduated PhD scholars from top schools in the country and abroad, with a clear objective of undertaking R&D.

Fellows are required to identify at least 1 novel scientific development, discovery, invention (prototype) or innovation (solution or products), they will be aiming to achieve/develop during their term.

The fellowship allows successful candidates to join research groups of their choice, ideally in consortia funded in the 8+3 strategic thrust areas, and covers their salaries and initial research expenses, giving them a soft-landing pad to jumpstart their careers in the world of research and development, either in academia or industry, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The component will help begin to establish a critical mass of infrastructure and researchers in the 8+3 priority areas in KP, to help develop a competitive economic advantage.


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